Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hacks and Tips

Welcome to the new Web Hacks and Tips sponsored by OneDollarWebmaster.Com

I will post one or more tips daily and questions are welcome.

Never fear, help is here. We can talk about Microsoft Windows solutions, Apple and Macintosh OS X solutions.

Windows and Apple mail problems? That's a tough one since all Machines are not Created Equal, but we will work through it.

Tip One: When setting up email on any computer I recommend using POP3 not IMAP. Reason: You will have to delete IMAP server files manually while POP3 server files will be deleted automatically, according to your preferences. 

Setting IMAP server to hold unlimited megabytes of mail is not a good choice. Your server will eventually overload and crash. Setting IMAPP servers to limits of 50MB or 100MB will allow the limit to be reached sooner and you may or may not be notified of rejected emails sent by anyone.

IMAP has the following advantages: Mail stored on remote server, i.e. accessible from multiple different locations. Internet connection needed to access mail. Faster overview as only headers are downloaded until content is explicitly requested.

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